Apple Podcasts for iOS 11 adds many new features, including season and episode numbers. If you have had a podcast on Pinecast previously, you can turn this on with just a few clicks.

Enabling for existing podcasts

Visit your podcast dashboard, then click the Settings > Details tab. Change the "Episode Release Style" from "Episodic" to "Serial". That's all it takes to enable the feature; you'll be prompted for a season and episode number when you post your next episode.

Adding season and episode numbers for existing episodes

To add season and episode numbers to existing episodes, visit an episode dashboard and switch to the Edit tab. You'll have the option to set a season or episode number. Click Save when you're done.

Adding season and episode numbers to new episodes

When creating a new episode, we'll automatically suggest the season be the last season number from your podcast. The episode number will be the next available episode number.

Marking and episode as a trailer or bonus content

When creating or editing an episode, you'll be asked what type of episode it is. A "Full Episode" represents a complete episode. A "Trailer" represents a short promotional piece of content, often containing a preview of your show. "Bonus Content" should be used for content that doesn't have a specific episode number, like behind-the-scenes audio or outtakes.

Episodes that are not full episodes cannot have an episode number, but they can have a season.

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