Pinecast is built using industry best practices. However, ad blockers can sometimes cause problems with pages functioning incorrectly. If Pinecast is misbehaving, disabling your ad blocker may fix some problems.

Pinecast is developed with uBlock enabled, which helps us to identify problems with ad blockers. However, if you have customized your ad blocker settings or added additional blocklists, certain features may not work as expected.

While this may be frustrating, there is no one-size-fits-all way to ensure that ad blockers do not interfere with the behavior of a website. You may notice the following types of problems if your ad blocker takes effect on Pinecast:

  • Unusual or incorrect fonts
  • Episodes may not upload
  • JavaScript may not load
  • Certain parts of the page may be absent
  • You may not be able to upgrade (because our payments processor is blocked)

Pinecast will never show advertising on its websites. We load the following third party assets:

  • Google Analytics to determine where to focus our development efforts and identify problems
  • Intercom to provide in-app chat and support
  • Stripe.js to securely process payments
  • ReCAPTCHA to prevent abuse
  • Google Fonts to load font assets
  • Gravatar to provide avatars

On podcast websites, we load Google Fonts. We may also load Google Analytics if the site owner has provided us with a Google Analytics ID.

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