From the very beginning, we've been very focused on running an efficient business. Pinecast was born out of the idea that we won't artificially inflate our margins to give our brand clout. We have invested very heavily in minimizing costs, which lets us pass those savings on to our users and reinvest in our infrastructure. It's good business for us to provide affordable, no-nonsense hosting because—after all—we're selling tools for folks to increase their influence.

We do have some limits, though, which you can read about here:

The most noteworthy is our file upload limit. On the Starter plan, we limit audio files to 80MB. We do provide an extra 80MB every 30 days that you can use to cover overages. This limit is designed to help cut costs for us and to encourage best practices; our research shows that the overwhelming majority of podcasts can fit within the limit if they use best practices while encoding and use a bitrate or 128kbps or less. We even provide a free tool for encoding your MP3s and adding ID3 tags such that they adhere to best practices.

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