What is Headliner?

Headliner is a tool to create customized, social-optimized audiograms from your podcast episodes. Headliner will provide you with a video file download that you can upload to Twitter or Facebook to promote your podcast.


Headliner videos are priced at $1 each. You'll be charged at the end of your billing cycle when your subscription renews.

We only bill for videos that are exported. Videos that do not get exported from Headliner cost nothing.

How do I create a Headliner video?

  1. Click on an episode on your podcast dashboard
  2. Click the option to create a Headliner video
  3. Trim your episode audio to the duration of the video you're looking to make
  4. Use the Headliner editor to customize the video
  5. When you're ready, choose the option to export your Headliner video

You will not be charged until you choose the option to export your video in step 5. Exports will appear on your episode dashboard, so you can download them even after you've left the Headliner editor.

Why can't I create a Headliner video?

  • You may not be the owner of the podcast. Only a podcast owner can create a Headliner video. If you own a podcast and would like your collaborators or members of your network to be able to export Headliner videos, please reach out.
  • The owner of the podcast must be on a paid Pinecast subscription.
  • The episode must be under two hours long.
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