You can add more functionality to your Pinecast subscription using Add-ons. Once you've got an active subscription, you can add an Add-on subscription to add more features to your account.

Pro Analytics Add-on

$10/month, in addition to $10/mo Starter subscription

The Pro Analytics Add-on gives you access to additional analytics features:

  • Growth by listen

  • Subscriber and listener locations (by country and city)

  • Top episodes

  • Top cities

You'll also see sparklines for recent listens in your podcast dashboard's episode list.

See more about analytics on our article about Analytics.

Crew Add-on

$10/month, in addition to $10/mo Starter subscription

The Crew Add-on allows you to share access to your podcasts with other Pinecast users (even users without a paid plan).

  • Add other users as collaborators on podcasts. They'll be able to administer just the shows you give them access to. Collaborators will see shows they've been added to on their main dashboard.

  • Create networks that group multiple podcasts together. Add other podcasters to the network to share access to all of the network's shows. Networks also show combined analytics.

  • Set up notifications for listens, feedback, Tip Jar donations, and podcast milestones. You can receive notifications by email, through Slack, Discord, or via a webhook.

Growth Add-on

$10/month, in addition to $10/mo Starter subscription

Have more control over how your podcast is shared and how your content is monetized.

Hi-fi Add-on

$15/month, in addition to $10/mo Starter subscription

Hi-Fi allows your episodes to be up to 256MB with 256MB of upload surge every thirty days.

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