For episodically-ordered podcasts

If your podcast is ordered episodically (if you're not sure, this is probably what you're using), season and episode numbers must be specified by you. We will not show season or episode numbers unless you have assigned one to an episode.

When creating an episode, we'll suggest what we believe to be the next season or episode number based on any previous episode numbers you've set. When you upload another episode, we'll increment the episode number by 1.

If an episode has no season, the season will default to 1. If an episode has no episode number, we will not show the episode number by default. To add an episode number, check the Apply an episode number checkbox: this enables the field and indicates that you do not wish to omit the episode number.

For serially-ordered podcasts

Serial podcasts always have numbered episodes. When you create a new episode, we suggest what we believe to be the next season and episode number based on your previous episodes.

If you convert an episodically-ordered podcast to a serially-ordered one, episodes without numbers will be assigned the next number sequentially in reverse chronological order. If you've made this switch, you can easily assign numbers to all of your episodes by setting the episode numbers for the first episode of every season. We'll know to count upwards from "season X episode 1" for each of those episodes.

Manually-set season and episode numbers always override automatically-assigned ones.

Trailers and Bonus content

Episodes that do not have "full episode" chosen as the episode type can only have a season selected. An episode number cannot be provided.

For trailers and bonus content in serially-ordered podcasts, neither will receive or count towards automatic episode numbering.

Disabling season numbers

On the Settings > Episode Formatting tab on your podcast dashboard, check the "Don't add season numbers to my episodes" checkbox and save.

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