Customers using our Growth Add-on can take advantage of Podcast Reviews Monitoring. Reviews Monitoring will check directories for new podcast reviews across every region once per day.

Currently supported directories:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Podchaser
  • Stitcher

This feature can be accessed by clicking the Reviews tab on your podcast dashboard.

Adding listings

Click the "Add a listing" button to open a modal to add a new directory listing. Only one listing per directory can be added per podcast.

Paste the URL of your show's directory listing for Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, or Stitcher into the box. If a listing already exists for the directory you're adding, it will be deleted.


We show the total number of reviews, the average rating of the reviews, and the breakdown of rating by review (number of reviews with each rating).

Below the overview, you'll find filters, if applicable. You can filter by review region (the country of the reviewer), the rating, and the directory of the listing. Filtering controls are hidden if there is otherwise only a single option to filter on.

Review region

  • Apple Podcasts has one listing for each podcast in each region that they support. If a listener in Canada leaves a review on your podcast, you must visit the Canadian version of the listing to see their review. We aggregate all reviews across all regions.
  • Podchaser does not have a notion of region.
  • Stitcher does not have a notion of region, but provides information on the locale of the user. We consume the country of the user's locale to populate this field, though reviews are not segregated by this value.


Directories are indexed roughly every 24 hours on the hour that the listing was added during.

Some directories allow reviews to be updated. We do not index updated reviews.

We do not index rating without an attached review.

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