Pinecast collects information about your audience and their listening habits. The most basic feature that Pinecast provides is listen history. This feature is available to all users: simply click your podcast's name in the left-hand sidebar. Once you have accumulated listens, they will begin to be displayed under the Overview tab.

Hovering your cursor over a point on the graph will show exact numbers.

Free Analytics

With our Demo plan, the following analytics are available:

  • Total listens: A count of unique downloads of your episodes over time.
  • Total listens on Spotify: A count of unique downloads of your episodes over time that originated from Spotify.
  • Subscribers: A count of the unique clients that download your feed in a day.
  • Listens by Source: A breakdown of how your podcast was listened to. This shows direct listens, listens via the embeddable player, and listens via your feed.

Starter Analytics

If you are on a paid plan (or are on the Community plan), you will have access to additional stats.

  • Listens by Episode: This view breaks down the total listen count by episode in a stacked area chart. For each point in the chart, the number of listens for each episode that was listened to is shown.
  • Listens by Agent: This view shows the apps and services used to listen to your podcast.
  • Listens by OS: This view shows the operating systems that your listeners are using.
  • Listens by time of day: This view shows the volume of listens occurring for days of the week and times of the day. It can be used to help understand when listeners are tuning in to your podcast.
  • Episode listen totals: A report of the total number of listens each of your episodes has received.

Pro Analytics

Some features are only available to Pro Analytics Add-on customers.

  • Listen growth: This view shows the total listens a podcast, episode, or network received as they aged. For individual podcasts and episodes, this can show when listeners started or stopped tuning in. For networks, this is useful to see the relative growth of your shows, regardless of when the podcast began.
  • Listen growth by episode: This view shows the growth in listens for each episode in a podcast. This shows the relative popularity of each episode over time.
  • Subscriber Locations: This view shows the countries and cities that your subscribers originate from.
  • Listener Locations: This view shows the countries and cities that your listeners originate from.
  • Top Episodes: This view shows the most popular episodes listened to within the given timeframe.
  • Top Cities: This view shows the cities that listen to your podcast's episodes most frequently on a country-by-country basis.

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